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About Me

„People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.”
Peter M. Senge


Professional Focus

Change Enablement
Team and Leadership Development
Organization Development
Organizational Culture


Occupation and Career History

Trainer / Partner at IAK

before that:

Member of the Board (Communication and Marketing) at Canadian Organization Development Institute

Cooperation with international organizations in the areas of Organization Development (OD), Change Management and HR Management
Scheduling and implementation of a certification process for professionals

Freelance project lead (OD) at a German Technology Start-Up

Development of more efficient communication structures
Implementation of cross-departmental formats to better exchange information

Stay abroad and scientific research in Canada

Change Management
Multi-national Organizational Culture development
Mergers & Acquisitions

Studies in Germany, Canada and the Netherlands (M.Sc.)

Business Administration
International Business
Change Management and Organization Development


German, English

Like almost all of our Partners I am a proponent of the Human Potential Movement, Humanistic Psychology, Positive Psychology and Salutogenesis. I strongly believe and advocate that (psychologically, emotionally and physically) healthy employees make healthy organizations. My approach, thus, to Organization Development always involves the development and involvement of the organization’s members. To paraphrase Peter Drucker: “Culture and strategy should have breakfast together.”

I develop ambidextrous organizations (i.e. emphasize their stable and consistent elements, while at the same time prepare them to evolve, innovate and stay flexible in times of constant change) and ambidextrous individuals (i.e. managers, employees, self-employed people and students to find their source and place of calm to which they can turn in order to stay adaptable and proactively create change instead of being overwhelmed by it). Contact me, if you want to learn more about it.

Moreover, among other techniques, approaches and mindsets, I use Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design and Design Attitudes during the course of my workshops and coaching – not only to support my clients in developing better products and services but also to help develop themselves on an individual level.

I am looking forward to hearing from and working with you.

Change Management

Let's Talk Change

Lets talk change

Here you’ll find blog posts and short articles covering change-related topics — quick reads providing impulses and inspiring to think about change from an organizational, team and individual/personal perspective.

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Change Management - Workshops & Coaching



Learn – Apply – Reflect – Repeat

Workshops and trainings play a major part in how I interact with my clients. The beauty of it: Each workshop is different, because each client faces different needs and works in different contexts. The preparation phase is essential here. The most fitting workshop design and atmosphere can only be achieved if you listen closely to the client, understand her/his “pain points” and can therefore direct the attention on these issues.



Ambidextrous people make ambidextrous organizations.

If your organization wants to become more flexible and at the same time make efficient use of fairly stable structures, processes and cultural aspects, it necessarily needs employees with a balanced and lasting set of values on which they can rely in times of ongoing change. Paradoxically, a creative and adaptable mindset requires consistency – stability leads to agility.

My corporate coaching focuses on uncovering individual values and aligning them with those of the organization.

Get to know me in a first consulting coaching session.


Media Digest


In this past project (2016 / 2017) I collected and compiled relevant media publications about the topics of leadership, collaboration and innovation – these articles are still valid today.

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Seit 1970 ist das IAK ein maßgeblicher Treiber für Leadership und Corporate Development. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass der Weg zu nachhaltiger Veränderung und Erfolg nur über die Stärkung des Einzelnen erfolgen kann. Die Dienstleistungen und unsere Kompetenz, die wir über die Jahrzehnte hinweg entwickelt haben, basieren auf der pragmatischen Integration von Strategie, Struktur und Kultur in die jeweilige Unternehmensrealität.