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Upgrading Emotional IQ and Performance Confidence

When everything...

… is said and done, the buck stops with you.

As a leader, key employee and professional business performer you are expected to be at your best. Always. You are held responsible for how well your team does, your clients perform or your colleagues interact with one another under your stewardship.

You have built a wealth of knowhow and expertise over the course of your career. It’s your job. But today’s ever increasing pressured to compete, impress and win, pressure and stress can rise to an all-time high. That’s neither good for your health and wellbeing, or your longterm staying power.

To add insult to injury, you may have to deal with issues or people in a way that is not in your job description. Or you may have to face challenges that feel counterintuitive, uncomfortable and unprepared.

This is when self-transformation coaching and training play a big role.

Where do you feel the squeeze?

… when I address conflict and uncomfortable situations
…sometimes overwhelmed and demotivated – need more ease and balance
… tired of holding my ground in the company of alpha-types, hyper-extroverts,
ego trippers and other naturally predatory fellow humans
…want more public speaker confidence and a stronger stage presence
… always looking to exploring my talents and raise the bar
… I’m a alpha type myself. Excellence is important to me.
… need to gather more in-depth knowhow when working abroad
… time to turn around my dysfunctional team (or bosses)
… want to upgrade my old self-management & self-leadership habits

Talk to one of our experienced coaches about your personal needs and ideas. A dialogue with us is free and it’s confidential.

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Seit 1970 ist das IAK ein maßgeblicher Treiber für Leadership und Corporate Development. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass der Weg zu nachhaltiger Veränderung und Erfolg nur über die Stärkung des Einzelnen erfolgen kann. Die Dienstleistungen und unsere Kompetenz, die wir über die Jahrzehnte hinweg entwickelt haben, basieren auf der pragmatischen Integration von Strategie, Struktur und Kultur in die jeweilige Unternehmensrealität.