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IAK has been a key driver of leadership and corporate development since 1970. We are convinced that the path to sustainable change and success can only be achieved by empowering individuals. Our services and expertise are based on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure and culture into the respective corporate reality.

Working with us, you benefit from decades of proven international expertise.

Founded as the first German creativity institute

The IAK is founded by Christo Quiske and Stefan Skirl as the first German creativity institute. Core competencies are creativity and leadership in training and consulting.


The IAK reference list now includes almost all major German and international companies operating in Germany.


The TETA seminar is developed. The first events are held.

IAK goes International I

The foundation stone for the internationalization of the IAK is laid: The IAK Switzerland is founded.

IAK goes International II

The IAK Italy is founded alongside the IAK Switzerland. In the course of internationalization, a new seminar is offered as an IAK service: Intercultural Management.

Further expansion

IAK continues to expand with the founding of IAK USA in New York.

IAK Austria

IAK Austria is founded on January 2, 2004.

First Salon d’Innovation

Innovations: The first Salon d’Innovation is held in Cologne. The InnoMindset seminar for innovation mindset training is successfully held for the first time.


Building on the “TETA – the innovative leadership personality” seminar, we offer the TETA 2 workshop. The TETA 2 workshop is held both openly and internally.

Realtime Puls Check

The online-supported REALTIME-PULS-CHECK is social software that enables the (r)evolutionary step from an organization to a collectively intelligent corporate organism.

DaVinci – CreatIC

Current research projects: DaVinci program – innovative teaching and learning formats at universities and Ruhr University Bochum Funding program: Creativity barometer – corporate climate conducive to creativity. This results in CreatIC – innovative strength and health through real-time feedback.

IAK Poland

The IAK Poland is founded on 04.01.2016.

Digital transformation culture

New forms of learning and development are bundled in the digital transformation culture 4.0. IAK‘s DTK 4.0 uses digital technologies and combines them with analog seminar experiences to create effective development and innovation processes. Business 4.0 requires new mindsets above all. A new attitude in the individual and a new culture in the organization.