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… in the field of Training and Organizational Development since 1970

We deeply touch, inspire, surprise and set profound development processes in teams and organizations in motion with our international network of trainers

We help you to mature as a leader with our proven coaching approaches in order to activate your full entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

We inspire people in moments of professional change and new beginnings. In our coaching sessions and seminars, we give you lasting impetus to shape your working relationships and transform your entire company.

We support you in actively shaping the path to your success, not only by optimizing your personal resources but also by being in full resonance with your environment.

Our Expertise

In the three competency areas of Leadership & Culture, Cooperation & Team Performance, Innovation & Change, we offer various formats and certified tools from the fields of coaching, business consulting, and process facilitation.


Our open seminars are available for registration to interested individuals.

Tailored in-house seminars specifically oriented towards your needs for you, your company, or your team can be arranged in consultation with our trainers.


Our coaches provide decades of proven expertise, which companies from around the world repeatedly entrust themselves to.

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