Patrick Bley joins the team as new coach

As a renowned institute for applied creativity, IAK has recently added a new, qualified trainer to its team. Patrick Bley brings with him many years of experience, which he has acquired over many years as a manager and trainer. His core topics are: Leadership & team development, communication and corporate culture.

Experience as the key to success

An important detail of Patrick Bley’s professional career is his experience in dealing with executives. In recent years, Patrick has worked with more than 500 executives to develop their leadership skills.

He has also been involved in a national restructuring process at Dirk Rossmann GmbH, in which a new management level was implemented throughout Germany through training and seminars. Patrick’s responsibilities included project management and the design and implementation of the seminar series.

From practitioner to consultant

What also sets Patrick Bley apart is his own career as a manager. He has worked for many years in various companies in management positions. This experience enables him to put himself in the shoes of his participants and offer practical insights and solutions based on real challenges he has experienced himself.

Intuitive leadership

One of Patrick Bley’s interests is intuitive leadership. This approach to leadership focuses on empowering leaders to use their intuition to successfully lead teams with assertiveness and confidence. This method emphasizes trust in one’s own instincts and strengthens the ability to react quickly to changing situations.

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