The Mind of Happiness

News: New IAK Workshop – The Mind of Happiness

“Is your mind programmed for happiness?”

Are you happy? And do your employer and co-workers actually care, or is “faking it” what’s expected of you?

Research shows that they do care – at least as far as advanced-thinking organizations and leaders are concerned. They care deeply because they understand that the “happiness state-of-mind” elevates mental capacities such as empathy, insight, collaboration, performance resilience and creativity.

Living in the conscious state of self-directed happiness means living in a world of rapidly increasing complexity without the collateral damage of discontent, disconnect, dis-ease and dis-engagement. When we’re happy we’re more engaged and more readily committed to building a more sustainable future for ourselves, our companies, and the world beyond our personal sphere.

It’s that simple… and it’s so challenging that Eastern contemplative traditions have been examining the nature of the mind for over 2,500 years. What they have uncovered through rigorous introspective practice and critical inquiry are deep insights into the human condition.

Modern Neuroscience has added an extra layer to this — the understanding of the evolutionary wiring of our brain and the resulting behavioral choices we make. And so, the merger of ancient wisdom and modern science was born – the mastermind duo for empowered and empowering living.

Training “the mind in self-directed happiness” is a fascinating, hands-on practical and transformative process that uses a distinct set of tools aimed to dismantle habitual discontent and to restore the mind to its natural state of heightened brightness and clarity.

Stress decreases and the innate capacity for creative living, thinking and working increases. Our sense of purpose is restored to its peak and we gain new perspectives on what it means to embrace empowered action.

Interested in what self-directed happiness training can do for you? Join us for this exciting workshop “The Mind of Happiness” and experience the transformative effect self-directed happiness can have on your health, your life, and your work.


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